Using tokenization and NFT digital assets to create an economy around Blockanime. Tokenization of assets refers to the process of issuing a blockchain token. With the rise in popularity in blockchain and NFTs, we are now seeing many industries indulging in this ground-breaking technology. From fantasy football, fan engagement tokens to basketball moments.

At Blockanime we have applied the method of tokenization to empower the anime community. The token economy at Blockanime can be used for; access to exclusive services, renting arenas, participating in our play-to-earn game and being part of a community of other token owners with a shared passion for anime and gaming.

With several high-profile anime series/companies currently in talks to join Blockanime, we will deputise a single anime initially to the ecosystem in use of their IP (intellectual property). Overtime as the ecosystem matures, we will continue to add more anime. Blockanime will bring digital assets and gamification of their IP. The anime series will partner with Blockanime to increase community engagement, bring opportunities for their anime community and an increase in their global fan base.

Blockanime creates an ecosystem where everyone involved thrives. Anime publishers (IP owners) will connect their anime to the community through ownership, this will add additional revenue streams from Blockanime and their communities. The community can move towards economic financial freedom by earning tokens by using their favourite characters in our play-to-earn gaming platform. All revenue will be fully digital and transparent through blockchain technology.

The Blockanime ecosystem will be powered by the MNGA token ($MNGA) an ERC-20 utility token which will serve as the digital currency of Blockanime and its unique play-to-earn game. MNGA has been chosen as the ticker as Manga is linked to anime which is the comic that leads to the creation of the anime.

Keep an eye out for details on our planned $MNGA airdrop in our social media channels.

Blockanime $MNGA. The officially licensed digital anime collectibles utilising NFT cards creating moments of fun and excitement.